Vastu Services

Dwarkadheesh Vastu is also a center for the solution of Vastu and Astrological issues. Here we consult you with our best services. Our aim is to serve you genuinly without creating no any confusion. Any body can get the remedies for his Vastu and Astrology related problems. We believes in client's well being and then provides them the vastu remedies for all their problems at a very genuine cost. We have been felicitated several times for our outstanding knowledge on Vastu and Astrology.

What Vastu Leads?

Vastu science is old. So old that one can not precisely say as to when it made its appearance. Perhaps it is contemporary to Vedic Science.

Financial stringency, Unemployment, Disase, Litigation, Marriage/Divorce, Strained husband / wife relationship, Mental disturbance, Accidents, Fire/Theft incidents, Harassment to son / daughter from in-law's side etc can be rectified by adopting the solutions as per Vastu & Astrology.

If the building is constructed according to Vastu principles, then all the problems be solve automatically. By the blessing of God, by studying the vastu of a House / Bedroom, one can predict the trend and events of the residence there. If, the house/bedroom are in accordance with vastu principles the life of the residence will be in tune with nature. This is the law of Nature.

Match the given below figures with your own residence.

Vastu rules are governed by God himself. For example - sun / moon / earth / wind etc are working as per God's fixed rules, same as everybody on earth (animal/birds/human etc) will get his fixed place for living as per his religious, devotional and family status. These are fixed rules and can never be change. In every house / building, head and elder persons will live in Southwest, Southeast and Northwest portions and younger person will live in Northeast, East and North portions.

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